Configurable Gist URL in Limechat

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One of the nice features of LimeChat is that when you paste a multiline string in a channel or a PM, it automatically asks you whether you want to paste the string as is – potentially flooding the channel – or if you want to make a gist out of the string, and paste the URL of the gist.

However, if you have a github:enterprise installation behind your VPN, you might want to take advantage of the internal gist server instead of using the public one. Unfortunately, LimeChat has the gist URL hard coded.

So I implemented a way for user to configure this URL in the Preferences -> Advanced tab of LimeChat. This pull request contains the changeset for implementation.

Until the pull request gets approved, feel free to checkout my github fork of LimeChat. You can compile it easily in a recent version of Xcode (I used version 4.3).